‘Bouncers’ is an updated adaptation of John Godber’s international hit comedy-drama, staged at the Theatre Royal St Helens in 2103 by Regal Entertainment.
“The story of four doormen of a Pontefract nightclub, Mr Cinders. Ralph, Les, Judd & Lucky Eric prepare for another night on the door. Suzie and the girls are out on the town, as are Kev and his mates who are always on the pull. Hilarity and madness ensue while the bouncers welcome the audience into the nightclub and do what they’re paid to do.”
Logistically the producers couldn’t facilitate a character photo shoot to use in the marketing collateral, as cast members could not be coordinate together in time. Instead the design relied upon individually supplied headshots, each deriving from different sources and provided in different sizes, some incredibly low resolution. The main task of this design was integrating all of these elements into one composition. This involved trying to promote continuity of lighting and quality where possible and creating believable head-transplants onto ‘stock’ bodies in Photoshop. The typography and layout was chosen to further reinforce that the production was a comedy.
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