2008  COFFEEFIX was born as a mobile vendor, to serve the finest Italian coffee on the streets of Manchester from a three wheeled Piaggio Ape van. 2011 The business evolved into a shop and took up permanent residence on the edge of the city in Gatley Village. The shop continued to use the same branding previously designed for the sides of the van. 2018 Time to up the ante and evolve again. With ambitions to open late, serve alcohol and expand their offering a re-brand was needed.

Consideration of the shop frontage was an important aspect of the design process. COFFEEFIX became one word to strengthen the logo and work better physically on signage. The characters that combine to make the word ‘COFFEEFIX’ are un-harmonious and visually jar with disconnection and repetition.

The aim of the new logo is to minimise this.

The C and O are squared, corner cuts and 45º incorporate a diagonal so not to alienate the X. The central line created by the middle bars of F and E breaks into C,O and X with added barbs.

A monogram of characters C and F is rotated 45º to create the basis of a division of service, with icons this forms a secondary logo.

The 45º angle inspired a grid, utilised to influence other brand elements and compositional layout.

Left, examples of shapes from the grid, used in layout for print and web. Right, copy and design created for customer loyalty cards.

To explain COFFEEFIX’s new direction, whilst maintaining connection to it’s core service and specialisms, copy was written to accompany the branding as strap-lines. These strap-lines introduce the brands tone of voice.

Badges incorporate the strap-lines and feature vernacular detail with added icons.

Left, a diamond badge sticker is used to modify generic takeaway packaging. Right, stickers are used to fix wrappings and can be written on to provide information.

The shop frontage design is welcoming and introduces new offerings and operations.

Staff t-shirt designs with back prints, to be seen when wearer’s back is turned at service counter.

Instagram teaser posts used to launch the new branding and business direction.

Instagram teaser posts used to launch the new branding and business direction.

A2 illustrated poster

A2 typographic poster

A2 illustrated poster

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